Gloria 505 T Sprayer

Gloria 505 T Sprayer

The 505 pressure is a high quality, German made pressure sprayer. It holdsfive liters of liquid in a pressure tank made from high quality  non-corroding stainless steel.

This pressure sprayer has several features that make it a professional grade pressure sprayer. This indicator pressure gauge, safety relief and ventilating valve are all located in one central location on top of the sprayer allowing you to easily see and control the pressure in the can.

The pump, spraying wand and nozzle are all made of high performance brass, and not plastic like cheaper sprayers. This sprayer is built to last for years and years of regular use.  This sprayer also comes with an additional filter to absorb dirt particles while helping the nozzle avoid clogging. There are two places to rest the spraying wand and nozzle to also help in reducing contamination of the nozzle.

Another advantage of this sprayer is the large filling funnel that easily allows liquids to be poured straight into the canister.

Spare parts are readily available for this Gloria high pressure sprayer, should they be necessary.  So that it is optimally suited for various spraying applications including gardening, cement work, cleaning, pest control and many other uses.

Price: €280.00

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